Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Everybody's back!!

I had one wonderful week all to myself last week!

Mark went to the States with Joel and Jack was in Spain!

I had classes so I was not able to go.  I also did not want to go.  I wanted to stay home and tick a bunch of things off my to-do list.

I, of course, did not get everything done that I gave myself to do, but I did quite a lot.  How could I not with no meals to fix, no bedtimes stories to read, no laundry to do, and with nobody to talk to?

Here are a few things I did that were not on my original list:

Went to a funeral (time involved:  6 hours)

Hosted a ladies' movie night
Breakfast date with a friend
Lunch date with Sam

Here are a few things I did that were on my original list

Cleaned out and organized my spices and baking shelves
Cleaned the upstairs bathroom including the ceiling
Major spring-cleaning-kind of cleaning of our bedroom
One storage closet organized (and big box of coats to donate)
ESL lessons planned
Zone lesson planned
Wedding photos editing started!

Last night Jack told us all about his trip to Spain over supper complete with pictures.  What a fun evening that was!  We talked over each other and laughed and exclaimed, and someone (Joel) was VERY silly.

Haze in the house because I burned a part of our supper!

Pictures to come!