Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A couple stories

Because these quotes are getting erased off my giant chalkboard by people's shoulders and hips...

I bought hemp hearts at Costco the other day.  I wanted Joel to taste them.  He did.  His assessment:   "It tastes like nothing."  There was a space of silence, he cocked his head and said, "Good, nothing."

I was surprised when Jack remembered that a certain song that Ale was playing had been one that they played at the wedding.  He said, "Yeah, I can remember something I heard once a couple weeks ago, but I can't remember my lunch!"

Joel whispered to me during the singing portion of our small group meeting:  "Can you do laundry tonight?  I have nothing to wear!" (That sentence alone got me a bit tickled coming from an 11-year old boy).  I suggested the pants that he had worn that day, as I thought they could easily be worn another day.  But his answer: "They hurt my butt."  I guess they are too tight! :)

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