Tuesday, November 15, 2016


October 30, the sun came out after hiding for a week.  It was cold, but we were all happy to see the sun.  We put on costumes (with various amounts of effort), met up with Francis, Armelle, and Michel Fernet, and went down to the Plaines of Abraham for a 5k.

I was so proud of Jack and Joel in particular.  Jack came in 31st out of over 500 runners.  And Joel ran his little heart out and never stopped even once.
 After the run, we went over to Francis and Armelle's for brunch.  What a fun time that was.

 Francis' birthday was the next day so we celebrated our run and another year of life.
Thankful for:  sun, energy, exercise, friends, family and breakfast!

Michel sent this email with a picture after the run. It made me really laugh.
Bonjour les amis,
Regardez la belle gang, heureuse de se retrouver sur les Plaines en plein soleil, tout sourire, , certains et certaines plus costumés que d’autres. Une autre année, il pourra avoir amélioration sur ce point.