Thursday, November 3, 2016


My beloved Grandpa Stanley was a die-hard Cubs fan.  We wanted a World Series win in memory of him!  Rich posted this (which I stole from Jack's facebook wall).  I love that he shared those special moments.

A Cubs memory to celebrate their Day 1 as champs:
During the mid-80s, I spent parts of a couple of summers with my grandparents.
Grandpa and I loved the Cubs, but he couldn't stand Harry Caray's announcing. So we'd watch Cubs games with the TV audio off, listening to the radio account instead of Harry's. 
Harry would switch places and do radio during the 4th-6th........and Grandpa would turn the radio off and the TV audio back on, during those innings. 

By reason of insanity...

We have been spending a lot of hours in this house in the last couple weeks on preparation for Joel's PEI entrance test which is coming up Saturday.  He has written essays, studied his conjugations, reviewed math concepts, and done exercise after exercise.

He doesn't much want to do any of this.  I feel pressure to get him ready.  That is a recipe for some mental illness.  After the test, we will most likely be packing our bags for the funny farm.