Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving.  Here's how ours went down.

Jack, Joel and I got up early and went over to the track at 8:00.  Joel wore Sam's high school football helmet and played football the soccer field while Jack and I ran intervals with resistance exercises in between each one.

I tried to make a special breakfast (banana crepes) that kind of flopped.

Then we got ready to meet up with the Wrights so that we could all go visit a place that none of us (except Sam) had ever been--Cap Tourmente.  We brought a picnic lunch, tried to find a sunny spot and ate quite rapidly because we were all a little cold.  Then we headed toward the water to see the snow geese.  Cap Tourmente is a spot where the flocks all stop on their way south.  Tim said it was because of the poutine, but after we read the info we found out it is because they feed on the rhizomes of the bulrushes found near the St. Lawrence.

We had supper plans (with Michael and Marie) so we kind of had to skedaddle faster than we wanted to.

It was a lovely day, the fall colors at their height of beauty.  What a treat.

Power out!