Thursday, September 8, 2016

Petit Groupe Chavigneau

 Tonight we celebrated all the summer birthdays...and German, who just turned 40 last weekend.
What a special bunch of people we have the privilege of hanging out with!
 This night we had our first singing lesson with Lucy.  For most it was a joke, so some people (cough, cough) need to get it together.
 Then Sarah and JP introduced us to the study we will be doing this fall with them.  I think everyone is pretty excited about it.

 Someone thought we needed pictures of the 40's crowd.

 That made us a bit goofy.
 We have enough cake left for another 3 or 4 parties.
 Lucy had my camera.  I think that I am thanking the birthday people for being born.
I wish I knew why we were looking at each other like this.  I can't know.

I am always tired at the end of these nights, but it is the best kind of tired.  Tired and happy.

La rentrée 2016

So it is down to two for the back-to-school picture.  Sam is taking a session off between CEGEP and University.  On the 31st, Jack started Secondary 4 and Joel began his last year of primary.

oh how I love these boys of mine!

Here was go!