Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mt. Sainte-Anne

Mark wanted us to do a little practice run for Mt. Washington next week so we drove half and hour away to Mt. Sainte-Anne and gave it a whirl.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and hardly anyone was on the mountain. We were just sad that we didn't have Ale with us.  She had planned to come and then ended up spending the night with a friend and didn't wake up in time.  I think she felt almost worse for having missed it than we felt that she wasn't with us.

We had beef jerky and date balls for snacks.  Sitting at the top of the mountain and talking and eating our snacks was the best part, in my opinion.

The kids might say our stop at the convenience store on the way home to get drinks of their choice was the favorite part.  It wasn't mine because they all loved my St. Justini sparkling lemon-flavored water better than what they picked!! :)

We went to Matt's birthday party later that night.