Monday, March 7, 2016

New podcast on my list

Mark and I went to Florida the 3rd week of February for the Christ Hold Fast conference.  One of the breakout sessions was called Grace for You and The Church in the Church and was lead by Chris Rosebrough.  I went to it, but it was underwhelming.  For one thing, I couldn't really hear because I was sitting in the back.  It was an afternoon session and I was tired and trying to eat a sandwich (because I missed lunch due to an extra conference thing I wanted to attend) without making noise.  Anyway, afterwards Amy, Christina and I went up to ask Mr. Rosebrough a question because at the very tail-end of the talk we got intrigued by an answer he gave during question time.  He was very thorough and generous with his time.  We walked with him back to the main session and Amy and Christina left me to go to the bathroom or something, and I went to get coffee.  Chris Rosebrough needed coffee too and found ourselves standing next to each other in line.  I spoke to him and might have asked a question.  He said, "Here, lets's sit down!"  He spent probably the next 45 minutes talking to me, opening up the Word...listening and teaching without doing that awful thing people do of looking around behind your shoulder for what might be more interesting. I didn't know until we got home that he has a daily podcast called Fighting for the Faith and is part of the Pirate Christian Media.

So Mark and I been eating up his podcasts.  Fighting for the Faith is a daily program where the Bible is being compared with what people are saying in the Name of God about the Word of God.  I love how Chris takes a text and exegetes it and then takes the sermon or teaching in question and compares that to the truth.  It has awakened in me the desire to study.  

Jack loves it too.  The kids were on a week-long break last week and Jack and I must have listened to 3-4 hours worth of FFTF podcasts.  Here he is listening with me as he works on his football cards.  

I tried out my newly encouraged discernment by listening to some IF Gathering speakers.  Here's what I heard from Kay Warren and almost can't believe it is true.

Starting at min. 18 you will hear the most blatant false teaching.  

Anyway, I have so much catching up to do here on the blog, I thought I would just start at some random the new sounds filling our home lately.  I am sure it is going to get old, but for now...