Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sometimes you just need a date!

So we had one Saturday night.  And it was one of the best ones ever.

Earlier in the day, on little squares of paper, I wrote the following:

Something we have never done before
Something we used to do all the time
Something funny or silly
Something smart
Something quiet
Something daring
Something cold
Something extravagant

Then we took turns drawing the squares.  So we each had four categories that we had to plan for our date.  A couple hours later, we shared our ideas so that we could come up with a plan for the order of our evening.

Here is how it went.  We left home around 5:30 and I immediately popped the soundtrack to The Man From Snowy River in the CD player (something we used to do all the time--I also had Sade, No Ordinary Love and Kenny Loggins, House at Pooh Corner which we also listened to).  We found our restaurant, Tandori, a little Indian place in Limoilou where we had reservations for 6:00.  The food was excellent, and we had one of those really good deep conversations that make three hours seem like one.  We left there a little after 9:00 and found our next stop, St. Charles Parc, and went for a walk (something we've never done before--a walk, yes, but never in that park) along the St. Charles River.  It was a mild night considering it was the end of January.  From there we found a new-to-us coffee shop, Brulerie de St. Roch, and ordered fancy coffee (something extravagant) that cost us $10! And there squished up in a little corner on the second floor because the 3rd floor was fixing to close when we got there, we wrote a story (something quiet).  Mark wrote a sentence and then passed the notebook to me and back and forth we went until we finished the page.  We loved doing that so much and surprisingly really love our story so much that we decided we would keep writing it.  After the coffee shop story writing, we decided to go home.  We still had a couple more things planned, but we decided to combine those into our next time out together and call it a night because apparently we are old now, and 11:00 is late enough for us.

(Just for the record, Sam, this was my idea! :)   It turned out to be a good one, too.