Saturday, November 19, 2016

A trip for two and what the rest of us are doing

Mark and Sam just embarked on a little father/son adventure all the way to Indy.  They left at 4:00 yesterday morning and drove all day, arriving at Mark's dad's at 11:00 p.m.

Mark has some ministry business to do, and Sam was able to get time off from work at Subtil to be able to join him.  I am happy for them to have this time together.  Tonight they are at an IU basketball game and tomorrow they will go watch the Colts.  The little brothers are a tad green with envy.

We will miss them on Thanksgiving, but it is the time of year that Mark probably misses his family the most, so it is perfect that they are there right now.

We are having our own fun!  Last night the boys each invited 2 friends over to hang out with us. Jack and Joel and I took the last one home around 11:00.  We had nothing we had to be at this morning so we luxuriously slept in and once we woke up we stayed in bed reading.  It was pretty amazing.  Jack even brought me breakfast in bed.

This afternoon we ran to the pet store for mice for Jack's snake (Grammarly is convinced I could not mean snake and suggests that I mean to say sake) and to the Dollar Store for a few supplies.  I dropped the kids off at Raphaël's to play football and went to Solange's for our study.  Sidenote: Oh, how I love getting attacked by those beautiful children!

And now tonight I just dropped the boys off at youth group.  They did not want to go because "we don't know anyone!"  I did not want to take them and stay at a coffee shop to wait for them, but there they are and here I am.  Ale is at home having a bridal shower by Skype with her friends back in Colombia.  That might be the first time that was ever done, don't you think?

Here's to fun times despite being separated.