Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20

Centre Brulart was closed today so our church met in homes.
One group met here.  

We studied the events surrounding the birth of Jesus.
The questions and reflections brought by the group were insightful.
The most touching by far was a question asked by the oldest daughter of the Sebinto family.  
She wondered why God would not answer favorably their prayers for 
peace in Burundi.
It was a hard moment.

In the early evening hours we took off as a family for the Old City.
We had no plans really except to be together and enjoy the city.
We laughed and talked.
We bought a ridiculously expensive bag of candy from a candy store
and walked down the street sampling our various choices.
We stopped at a place on Champlain
and ordered hot chocolate
and 1 queue de castor to share.

Then we came home and had Mexican fare.
and watched The Christmas Story.