Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The week in review

*Grocery shopping in the afternoon.
*At 3:10, I picked Sam up from St. Lawrence and went to the orthodontist for his very last appointment (and where the Dr. tried to convince us that the 1st $7,000 and three years worth of pain and tears didn't completely do the job and that we should think about going through the whole ordeal again)
*Joel had a basketball game
*Mark and Jack went out together to Second Cup to study.

*Mark and Sam went to the Taylor Guitar show and then called later to say they were going to play pool together for a while
*After supper, I picked Ethan and Nailah up, dropped Ethan at his game and brought Nailah here.  Together with Joel we made healthy pumpkin pancakes for both of our breakfasts the next day.  Joel and Nailah are the perfect buddies.  It is fun to watch them.  They played Guesstures and Guess Who. Joel went to bed (Jack stayed here studying). I took Nailah home, picked up Ethan and drove them home.  It was well past 10:30.

We had small group.  And it was, for once, quite small.  JP and Sarah, Yenny and German, and us...we ate beans and rice and stayed around the table.  Mark showed the video of the Jewish believer and we talked a lot about it and other spiritual questions.  Around 8:00, Lina and Diego showed up with her parents for a good-bye time.  We sang together for a bit and then they shared with us about their time here.  It turned into a really touching moment with tears from Lina as she told how her parents want them to stay here and make a life in North America.

Mark had a meeting and he was fasting that day anyway, so we waited to have supper until the whole gang was home.  Marion was here too.  Jack asked me if I felt weird being the only adult!! :)  We had a roast with potatoes and carrots, zippy broccoli and baking-powder biscuits.  After supper, Marion sang us the song she wrote and is doing for the audition.  Unreal!  And then she and Sam sang a couple more songs for Ale and me.  Jack had homework (as usual!) and Joel went to bed!

*I met with Joel's teacher at 8:20 to discuss his first bulletin of the year.  Mark had a class so he couldn't go with me.
*We all left the house then at 10:30 to go down to the consulate to get the kids' passports renewed.  It was a really fun moment as a family, stuck for a couple hours in a little room with nothing to do but talk.  Nice.
* Sam and Jack went off to school, Joel took a run, I went to meet Madeleine for coffee.
*Mark met with Yenny and German who had a lot of spiritual questions brought on by the Paris terrorist attacks.  It lasted well over 3 hours.  Joel, Jack, and I played games while we waited for him to come home for supper.
*Sam went off to StartUp Weekend
*kids watched the Canadiens, Mark and I talked forever at the dining room table.

*CEM meeting at our house to work on the vision and mission statements.
*Chores and basketball-shoe shopping trip for Mark and Joel
*Homework for Jack most of the day
*Storage room cleaning for me
*Supper and a surprise announcement that we were going to the movies.  Ale went with us.  So much fun!  Mocking Jay!
*Best text message from Sam (for the next blog post)

*Credo gathering
*Couch shopping with M and J and J
*Lunch (very late)
*Jack went over to Raph's
*5:30 I went over to Laval to watch the pitch finaux.  Had fun watching with Chantal.
*Sam's team won, I found out much later in the evening after I had left.