Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Little Grandma and a trip to Florida

We brought Joyce back to Quebec with us in August and she stayed with us until the 6th of this month when I accompanied her by plane to Orlando where she will stay with Chris and Aimee for the next little while (we think all of winter, but she might have other ideas).  I stayed 6 nights with Rich, Aracely, and Noelani (and had a wonderful time together) and now I am at St. Pete's Beach with Mark's dad's side of the family who are all here on vacation.

Tonight I lay here in bed with hot, sun-burnt legs lathered up with a home-remedy concoction of tea tree oil and coconut oil.  I thought I stayed well protected from the sun today, but my legs say otherwise.

Anyway, what a beautiful few days I have had here!  The weather is perfect, the wind and the waves calming.  The views from our place on the beach are breathtaking.  Part of me doesn't want tomorrow to be the last day, but most of me is ready to see my family whom I have missed ever so much.  This place needs to be shared with them, and I feel a little sad that I am enjoying it all by myself.

The last two months have been exhausting and crazy at times.  Between Baby T and Little Grandma, I have felt a little depleted.  This 10 days has filled me back up!  I am so thankful for the chance to be here. What a gift!

Maybe I will post some pictures of this gorgeous place.  For now, I don't think I  will need them to remember.