Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fun family email exchange

From Dad to us kids:

We got this e-mail below today. After we gave a report at this church in 
April the pastor sent an e-mail and asked if I would send him a couple of 
pictures of the "graduation tree" that was in our slide show because he 
wanted to have someone paint it. He didn't say why. I thought you would find 
the message and the picture of the painting interesting.

Brother Rich,
Hopefully you recognize the attached painting? On Tuesday, October 20 at 6 
pm at the First Baptist Church in Russiaville this painting will be one of 
the items up for auction to raise money for our missions. Some of the money 
raised will go toward our retired missionaries. If you could attend we would 
love to have you come! We would not want you to think you need to bid on 
this because you probably couldn't afford it anyway. We will probably raise 
a few thousand dollars. It would be a great night for fun and fellowship 
especially for us if you came.
Ned Sutherland, Pastor at First Baptist Church in Russiaville

This is really great!!!


Yeah, really nice!
If it was any other occasion, this phrase would sound pretty snooty “you probably couldn't afford it anyway”   J    But it was nice that he took any pressure off to bid.

Dan, you should go and buy this.  All those rugby games...


That tree made it harder to defend someone in soccer. 

If the painting was of my tree I planted in 1989 I'd bid for sure


Where was that one?


Near to the workshop. On the main gate side 


I didn’t know about that tree, or else I would have gone and meditated daily under it when I was teaching at GBBC in 1995.   (Meditating on the Psalms, of course.)


This was in 2008 when I went the last time 


Thanks for all the comments about the auction, tree(s), etc. Of course, the famous "Dan memorial tree" is no longer by the workshop since that workshop has been torn down. It is now just "the tree by the second junction just after you enter the campus." Of course, it is bigger and more magnificent than it was in 2008. It has the potential to be the symbol of the future "Goroka Baptist University." The school motto may be something like: Come study at GBU and grow from a seedling to a mighty pine for God like this tree! Part of what makes the tree such a significant symbol is the torture it has endured in its lifetime, like having branches ripped off by kids to use in muna hunting and being run into by the slasher when the grass was mowed. Hardships like that just make the roots go deeper and the bark get tougher. I feel a sermon coming on.


Oh Dad! That was the best email I've gotten in a long while.  Thanks for the smiles!

I think Hoosier also added to the tree's character onced or twiced



Yes, Hoosier probably tired to tear it down a few times like he did the bamboo goal posts. However, his first preference seemed to be steel, like light poles, shotputs, fuel drums, etc.