Sunday, May 24, 2015

Way #4

The following day--Sunday--the kids really didn't feel like going to our gathering.  They said they didn't want to have everyone asking and asking all about Dad.  I was wiped out so we stayed at home and had our own little meeting.

And then the rest of the day was a steady stream of friends who dropped by to bring food or to just stay and be with us.  L and D brought a pâté chinois for the kids and sushi for me.  A couple others dropped by and ended up all eating together with our kids while I was on the phone with various people who were checking up on us.  In between phone calls, I got glimpses of my bigger family with my little family...chatting, helping, occupying...and it warmed my heart.

F and A knocked at the door then.  We stood at the door because they didn't want to stay, just wanted to see us after hearing the news.  F told me to call Dr. C.  You are friends, he said, when I spoke of my reluctance to call doctor friends for special favors.  He said that they would be upset if they found out and realized I hadn't called them.  I was convinced and decided that I would call them right after F and A left.  No sooner had they left than the phone rang.  It was A-L.

Sam was at their house right then to spend some time with Gaël for his birthday.  He was supposed to have gone there the night before for a party but decided to stay put because of all that had happened. Sam had told them everything he knew and A-L called to see how they could help.

P called Mark and the hospital in Dayton.  He then called his cardiologist friend who installs pacemakers here in Quebec.  The doctor agreed to take Mark as a transfer.  Then he called me and took the time to explain everything.  I had had no idea what to do first from this end as far as getting Mark back home and where he needed to go once he got here.  And in the space of a couple hours it had all been arranged.

I still feel overwhelmed at this grace.  I hope I never get over it.