Monday, April 20, 2015

Dreamy snow

Sometime mid-March we had one of those lovely snows--lots of it, with no wind for the perfect coating of every branch of every tree.  It was also warm-ish and ideal snowball snow.

I didn't realize it was happening really, until I went out around 10:30 to take Madeleine home.  When the three of us walked outside and discovered the beauty, Sam begged for a snowball fight when we got back.  He would have had one then, but Mad was starting to get really sick.  When we pulled back in the driveway he announced that he was getting Jack and Ale to come out.  He also pleaded with me to wake up Joel, "Mom, it's the memory of a lifetime."  I knew it was, but it was so late and there was our church gathering the next I said no.  (Boring!)  But the other three went out.  It was 11:00 by then.  What a great time they had!  I smiled to myself as I heard their faint banter in the front of the house and jumped up on our bed to take a picture out the back window.

Two completely different scenes...both wonderful!