Thursday, January 1, 2015

News from Costa Rica

Tonight we were on the way home from a fun evening with NoĆ«lla, J-Y, Sylvie, Mark, Liam, and Emma when Mark's phone lit up with a FB notification from Sam!  We hadn't heard from him since Christmas Eve so we were just a little excited.  He wanted to Skype with us because he was in a place where he could.

We raced home and connected.  We talked to him for a bit (so good to see his face) but the reception wasn't great and we kept getting cut off.  Finally we let him go and ran upstairs to print off the lengthy email that he tried to send us the 29th (but we never received for some reason) and that he had just resent!

We read his news and laughed and chatted about each part.  There was a general part for all of us with the happenings of the days, the food, the fun activities, the work, the family, etc. and then there were little letters for each of us.  So great, made even more special with the knowledge that he typed it all out on his phone.

When I went in later to hug and kiss Joel I said, "That was a great letter, wasn't it?"  He agreed with me and then said, "I was so sad when it was over.  I just soaked in every word!" I think that about sums up my feelings.