Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pictures from Christmastime

Surprise Birthday Party for Barb on the 29th 
(I thought Mark missed the picture, but no he can be seen in the mirror, right above Ben's head! ha!)

We finished the puzzle last night!  Now what?

Mixing cookie-baking and game-playing

Our Christmas Eve spread

We gave Jack a bass amp for Christmas

and Joel got this Guide de l'auto 2015 which he pored over (and I predict will continue to pore over for many many days)

We all wrote to Sam on Christmas Joel is taking his turn.

This guy came and visited us during breakfast on the 25th!

And on the 26th we drove away to Burlington, Vermont for a couple days.  We rode the ferry across the lake to Plattsburg for a few hours one day.  Joel called it a cruise!  Yes, this is how the Billingtons take cruises!

Joel spent his Christmas money from Grandparents on a junior compound bow and target.
Yesterday we went out together to play and the cold brought us back in quite fast.
-20 Celsius was too cold for a standing sport, that's for sure!

Happy, happy 2015 to YOU!