Monday, December 15, 2014

the *JOY* alert: December 15

This day was not so great, really.  I certainly was not experiencing joy.  Maybe it was because I was tired or stressed or self-focused.  I felt irritated and on-edge.  

And now a week later, as I sit down to record the day,  I can't even remember the day that well.  

There was something sweet and good at the end of it.  Sam had a big test the next day, Jack also.  I knew they were tired of studying and a little cranky.  I asked them to go out together for a run.  I told them it wasn't that cold.  I checked later.  It was 26.  When they came in, about 8:45, I heard them together chatting and in good spirits.  And then I heard, "Wow, it's hot in here!"  Haha!

I am thankful for brothers doing things together.  For a cheap, effective mood-changer in the form of a run.  And for that cold, wake-you-up winter air.  I should have gone with them.