Saturday, December 13, 2014

the *JOY* alert: December 13

Today we had a little party for Jack.
He invited 5 friends who met up at our place around noon.
I dropped them off at a tag ball place in town.
And they ran around and shot each other for two hours.
Mark picked them up and they all came over for ice cream sundaes.

We really like Jack's friends.  He knows how to pick 'em!

Then Jack went to spend the night with David (the guy on his right), Sam was at Madeleine's to decorate the tree with her family, and that left Joel, Mark, and I (we talked about how empty the house was and that we need a couple more babies.  Well, I said that.  Mark just smiled.
We ate together and watched an Andy Griffith that we'd never seen before:  about when Aunt Bea buys a freezer.

We had a very productive day, Mark and I.
Besides the party...
Mark had a couple music practices for Sunday,
I got a bunch of laundry done
We did some online Christmas shopping
Mark put the final touches on the Christmas program for the next day
I did some detailed cleaning of the office and our bedroom.
I made a quadruple batch of cinnamon roll dough for the next day's church lunch
(I think it is notable because that productive feeling doesn't happen very often! ;)