Friday, December 12, 2014

the *JOY* alert: December 12

You are my very favorite redhead, you know.

Today we celebrate 14 year with this kid!

His birthday supper request:  steak and mashed potatoes
(Dad said that sounded very American!)

Headphones from Sam and a remote control helicopter and a book set from us.
Joel said his gift was "coming soon".

Jack reading his annual Dad-letter.  
Another brilliant one, Markus.

We had a quiet night at home.
After our steak supper we played Scotland Yard
and then made apple dumplings together.
We prayed a blessing over Jack like we did last year 
(maybe we can now say it is a tradition)
then we watched
A Christmas Story.

This picture is from another night, but I like it, so I'm adding it to this birthday post.

Jack was glad to leave "13" behind.
He said it was an ugly number.