Thursday, December 11, 2014

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program...

These guys really made me laugh!

the *JOY* alert: December 11

It was pretty much nuts today.  
We had a lot to do:  mostly fun stuff, but stuff to do nevertheless.

We love our annual family Christmas shopping outing 
where the kids get their gifts for each other.  
We didn't see any other opportunity in our schedule to do it,
except for tonight.

So, with homework and practices and supper, etc., etc,
we were a little bit frazzled

A friend stopped by right at suppertime.  
She wanted to pray together.
After we did I told her to stay and eat with us.
Mad was here too.
Everyone (except Jack) gulped down tourtiere and salad.

Then Mark and Joel zipped over to school to pick up some cheese we ordered for a fund raiser.
We were all supposed to go together to do that errand and then go pick up Jack and then go to the mall,
but I hadn't timed things out well enough 
and still had cinnamon rolls in the oven,

By the time the two of them got back,
the rest of us were ready.

We piled in the van with supper-to-go for Jack.

He inhaled his supper on the way from school to the mall!

We had less than two hours at the mall,
but most of the party is guys (and one girl that doesn't like the mall),
so that was enough time.

Then we dropped Mad off at her house.

We had 3 more stops.
3 families that are leaving for Colombia and Cuba tomorrow.
First, Lina and Diego
Second, Johana and Freddy
Third:  Leonid and Letty

They were all in the throes of packing and we vowed to only take 5 minutes with them.

We brought them cinnamon rolls for their breakfast in the morning
and lots of wishes for an amazing Christmas with their families.

I will look back always with fondness of the memory of the Billington5 squished at the entrance of each apartment, clad in boots and coats, like carolers.
Giving hugs and sharing excitement for this trip home.

It was later than we had hoped when we got home
It was way past Joel's bedtime
But we gathered around the table anyway
and ate donuts (Mad had bought them for Jack for his birthday).

The end.