Monday, December 8, 2014

the *JOY* alert: December 8

It's a week ago today that I hurt my back.
The difference is amazing.
You'd never know that 7 days ago I was hobbling around the kitchen with a heating pad around my waist attached with a belt connected to two extension cords so I could get supper.
I'm rejoicing for the way our bodies bounce back in such a way.

Tonight, Gab and Manon had supper with us.
Just a normal, family supper.  Nothing fancy.

That's the kind I think I love the most.
Spontaneous, simple, no airs..., meat pan right on the table, reaching over each other to grab taco ingredients.
It spawns a different kind of conversation, I think.
We had some real ones tonight.

When Jack got back from basketball, we spent time together reading Scripture and praying.
Some good laughs, there.
I think God loves that we laugh when we study and pray.