Sunday, December 7, 2014

the *JOY* alert: December 7

Mark and Sam went with a few other members of our CEM group right after the church service
to collect money house-to-house for the Christmas baskets.

Jack, Joel, and I went home, ate lunch, and did one hour of hard-core homework.
With NO talking allowed.
They were allowed to write down questions for me.
And those were funny little notes.

They were not happy about missing an hour of the Colts v. Browns game,
but I knew what was coming and was sure they wouldn't want to miss out on that,either, to do homework.
SO...they suffered through.  For one hour.
And as soon as that hour was up, they ran lickety-split downstairs to watch their beloved Colts.

They watched about an hour with Mark and Sam (who had come back by then) but then recorded the rest because...
Mark and I had
planned a surprise for the kids.
We took them out to a tree farm to pick a real tree,
We have not had a real tree since I guess our first or second year of marriage.
And we most certainly did not get them from a tree farm!! (ha!)

The kids were delighted.  And even though it was miserably cold (-4, I think) we had a wonderful experience.  We might have been a little slower choosing the perfect tree if the weather had been better.

We drove back home with our awesome tree strapped to the top of the van, stopped to pick up pizza from Pizza Fina, and hurried home to eat.
There was an important taped end-of-a-game to watch.
And it was a nail-biter.
But the network decided to go to another game in the final minutes.
This made the guys crazy, and they ran upstairs to check the results (which everyone had managed to stay away from).
As soon as they saw that the Colts  had eeked out a win at the very end, they calmed down and were able to handle the disappointment at not getting to see the final minutes.

After that drama ended, we set to bringing in our tree and decorating it.

Everyone is pretty psyched about the results.
I can't believe how thankful and happy the boys were about the experience.
Worth all the trouble...even the trouble I know is coming.  :)