Saturday, December 6, 2014

the *JOY* alert: December 6

The day was so welcome after the packed-out weekend we had last.
After Joel's karate class (and Mark and my weekly planning session) we came home to putter.
I altered some jeans.
The kids did chores.
Mark and Joel put on new wind-shield washers on the car.
Sam studied.  Jack did too.
I took down pictures and a few knick-knacks to give space for Christmas decorations.
We put lights up in the kids' bedrooms.
And in the evening (Sam went to George's 50th birthday party),
we listened to This Amercian Life
and puttered some more.

We studied our Austin Stone Advent Devotional (2-days worth)
(sidenote 2:  It's really well-done and interesting.  And worth way more than $5!)
(sidenote 2:  I love watching and listening to the kids read Scripture)

And after the boys went to bed, Mark and I watched 2 episodes of the most riveting series:  Blacklist

It was the nicest of days.