Friday, December 5, 2014

the *JOY* alert: December 5


I went to Noëlla's in the afternoon.
We made cookies, and then I helped her take down the little tree she had put up earlier in the week.  
She had changed her mind and wanted to put up her big one.  
Her husband didn't really want her to switch it out, being that it was a hassle.  
So she thought that if we did it while he was gone,
that if the whole thing were done when he got back, that he wouldn't care.

I ran to the store to get more lights for her and on the way back to her house saw the most gorgeous full, giant, pink moon...
I called Mark and told him he had to go out with the boys and find it.
"Take my camera...and the tripod...,"
I blabbered excitedly.  
"You have to find it.  It's incredible!"

Noëlla and I managed to get the tree up and all the lights put on before JY got back.
She was so happy with her decision and that I helped her get it done that she sent me a message later in the evening:
Jean-Yves a trouvé l'arbre de Noël beau. Il n'était pas choqué. Un gros merci pour ton aide.
Bonne fin de semaine, Noëlla

And when I got home, Mark told me that they had gone out in the car looking for the moon for me.
Isn't that great?
They went all the way down to the river, then up on the hill, to snap some pics.  
By the time they found it, it was no longer HUGE, nor pink, but the fact that they went on a little excursion to find it, made me happy.