Friday, November 14, 2014


Yesterday morning, while I was prepping for a class, Joel plopped down on the chair across from me, ready and waiting for Mark so they could go out and work on the van (his favorite, favorite activity). He and Jack did not have school, so the day seemed full of possibilities.

As it turned out, he had to go with Mark to a class because there was no one here in the afternoon to take care of him.  Jack was out with Raph and Léon for the afternoon.  Sam was in class.  And I had a class and end-of-1st-grading-period meetings with Jack's teachers.  I don't think he suffered too much--spending time with Dad in any form is never a hardship for this kid.

I loved the way he looked, the early sun streaming through the patio doors framing his sweet face.  I said, "Stay right there.  Don't move!" and then asked Mark to fetch me my camera.

Just a little sidenote:  he's sitting on our "new" chair that he and I spotted and scavenged from someone's front yard which had a sign taped on it "à donner"!  There's not a stain or rip in sight, and it is the perfect replacement for our big brown chair that got a hole in in its seat this summer and had continued to tear at an alarming rate.  We are grateful!