Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween party!

We invited our neighbors to a little party chez nous.  We've been doing something similar the last couple years, but this year seeing as Halloween was on a Friday night, we decided to make invitations and make a little bit more of a deal out of it.

The weather was perfect, cold, but no wind or rain.  We had our firepit out in the driveway with a bunch of patio chairs scattered around, a table filled with food, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Mark and Joel had prepared the spot earlier that afternoon.  Had even raked up a couple bags of leaves.  When I got home from Noella's, though, I suggested the leaves scattered about on the driveway might make a nice touch.  Ha, ha...they kindly dumped the bags back on the ground.

We had more than 20 neighbors come by, chat, eat...some stayed for quite a while.  It was so fun to introduce neighbors and see them talking together, joking, bonding. We also invited our church (as an after-thought the night before) and some 15 or so of our Credo family dropped by.  One couple even came, brought food, and helped us get set up.

Sam and Mad were engaging and charming.  I loved watching them bring life to the group.  Jack was amazing with Eli (tumbling around on our front lawn with him, making him laugh), giving his parents a chance to interact and decompress.  Joel, our little hobbit, had gone off with friends after the first half-hour or so he missed most of the evening.  He had his own fun, though, with a group of chums from his old school who went out together and then went over to Jean-FĂ©lix's house to compare loot and watch part of a movie.

Aside from the fact that I burned the toe of one of my boots, trying to get toasty , and completely ruined was a lovely evening, filled with laughter and good will.

We were thanked several times for the "belle initiative" which reminds us that people really do want and need a community.  And we can be the initiators.  In Chemistry, that word, initiators, means a substance that starts a chain reaction.  That's what we want to be--love initiators!