Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Stories

Another weekend has come and gone...fast. How do the days go by so quickly?  I feel so old saying this.  I feel old period.  Today I feel ancient.

I didn't feel like this until recently.  I remember telling a friend a 2 or 3 years ago that I didn't feel old at all.  But things change...

On to the stories.

We bought a new (used) car on Friday.  Our second car was kind of dying a slow death.  Mark found a 2003 Toyota Camry with only 60,000 miles.  The best part of the car hunt was watching Joel.  He knows so much about cars and is completely fascinated by any talk of them.  Mark let him in on the discussion and the searching, and he couldn't have been happier.  Saturday morning, one of his chores was to write in the family journal.  He came to find me and asked if he could go write out in the new car.  I can even handle this.

While I was outside taking a picture of this cutie, Sam left to go study at the library for the day.  His little conversation with Joel before he took off was one I'm very glad I didn't miss.  He loves his brother more than he loves cars.  And that's a whole lotta love.
Friday afternoon I ran out to get a couple ingredients for our supper that night with friends.  As I entered the store, I noticed a big table with discounted items on it...diapers and more diapers...for $1!  I thought about what a steal this was, wished I had a baby, and then started piling diapers in my cart for all my friends with babies.  As I was doing that, the workers started bringing out a whole bunch more stuff for a dollar.  Dishwasher detergent, soap, toothpaste, Bounce, face and body wash, deodorant, etc. I stayed there for about an hour, waiting around the tables with a bunch of other scavengers.  I ended up with over a thousand diapers ($13) and a boatload of other goodies to keep or give away.

We had fun friends (Shane and Chantale) over on Friday night.  Mad was with us too.  What good conversations we had.

Noah's grandparents came to get him around 7:00 to spend the night, but Baby T stayed with us and his parents!  The night was made even better when that sweet baby fell asleep on me.  Therapy!

Saturday we had plans to go to a pumpkin patch with some friends.  They canceled because they had to do some stuff around their house (whatever!).  I thought maybe we should go over and help them get the jobs done, but we had already told the kids our plans for the afternoon and they were looking forward to it.  We decided to go--just the four of us (remember Sam was studying at the library).

What a good decision that was!  We had such a fun time.

Jack took a turn with the camera
this one is Jack's too
and this one of Joel's karate face

Two doors down from our house (in the house where dear Eli lived) live twins who play football for the Rouge et Or.  Earlier in the day, Joel was down at Gregoir and Bertie's house to ask if they wanted to play.  The twins' mom was at the house raking leaves and asked Joel if he could come by later and help her with raking.  She said that if he came alone, she'd pay him $20 for helping, and if he brought a friend she'd pay them each $15.  He told her that he'd be back at 4:00.  So as soon as we got back from the pumpkin patch, he and Jack ran over with their rakes.  They came back in about 5 minutes with a $20!  The mom told them thanks for honoring their commitment, but that her sons had helped her, and it was all finished.  She also told them to bring something by later and that her sons would sign it!

Sunday after our gathering, the kids invited friends over to watch football.  Sam had Guillaume, Jérôme and Charles, and Jack had Raph.  Joel was just happy to be with all these guys.  They even went out during half-time to play football all together.  Theses are Joel's most joyful moments I think. I made pizza dough so that everyone could make their own pizzas.  I looked for a recipe because I knew I couldn't use my bread machine like I usually do seeing as it wouldn't make enough for all the hungry mouths.  I found one and started making it early in the afternoon so it would be ready for supper.  Unfortunately, I didn't read through the whole recipe first, so after I had already mixed in all the ingredients of my quadrupled recipe into the bowl, I saw that it said to let rise for 18 hours! Plan B was Naan bread as personal pizzas, and everyone seemed to eat up just fine.  But 18 hours!

And then just like that, the weekend was over!

Back to work, gang!