Monday, October 13, 2014

Canadian Thanksgiving

Here are my favorite parts:
  • A fun and easy Saturday morning date with Mark at Presse CafĂ©
  • Thanksgiving supper with wonderful people around the table on Friday night (even though my turkey wasn't done until dessert time)
  • 3 days of gorgeous weather
  • Listening to my 4 boys playing "I Just Got Paid Today" by ZZ Top
  • Beating Jack in Othello 3x in a row (and seeing his chagrin)
  • An unexpected, unplanned visit with Francis and Armelle on Friday afternoon.
  • Tennis and football at a new park late Saturday night with the Billington5 and all 4 courts to ourselves for most of the time
  • A ladies afternoon in with Johana and Veronica and two squishy babies while the men played pool across the street at Dooleys.
  • An early Saturday morning run with amazing colors in every direction
  • A Sunday night for me/Monday morning for her Facebook chat with my mommy
  • Discovering Serial and getting a chaotic kitchen back to order while listening
  • A most pleasant Monday afternoon walk with Francis, Armelle, Mark, and Joel with brilliant fall colors and a multitude of kisses from the sun

P.S.  And this email from Mom:

Just looked at your Way, Way Back and Fall Colors blogs.  Colors are gorgeous.  Dad said it'll take your breath away.  Yep!  My favorite is the last one.
I just wish there was a place to comment these days--on your blog b/c for the record, I was "forced" into making those striped clothes.  Grandpa S. got yards and yards of material on sale and sent it to us and it was close to time for furlough.  What else could I do?  My only regret is that we took a pic of us!!  Ha!! 
Loved the chat this morning.  Love YOU!