Friday, September 12, 2014

La Rentrée

Back-to-school stories...only two weeks later.

Sam started CEGEP what seems like months ago.  It was actually the 20th of August.  The boys got up to say good-bye and wish him luck and to get a first-day picture with him.  Note the bedheads!

 This is Sam's schedule for the 1st semester.  He's going to an English college, which I would think would be so weird for him seeing as how he's never had any schooling in English.  He says it's not all that strange.  Mechanics is Physics, JFYI.
 And then a couple fast weeks later, it was time for these silly ratbags to head off to school.  The above picture is Mark appearing to wait patiently for them to get out the door and for me to get a satisfying picture.  It was just an appearance.  I think he's checking his phone for the time and saying, "Come on, guys...we can't be late on the first day!"
 Jack says everything is pretty much the same this year.  Because he is in Option Basketball, he stays with the same group of kids again this year.  I think that might be a mistake because his group has a reputation for being talkative and rowdy.

Joel loves his new school.  There are kids there that he already knows (Francesco pictured below being one).  He's found some boys who like American football and want to play at recess (instead of the ever popular soccer, which he does not enjoy).  He likes his teacher, so that's good.  He, Jack, and Mark have been riding their bikes together to Joel's school in the morning (and then Jack goes on alone).  I hope we have a few more weeks of weather that permit that--such a great way to start out the day.  It's about a 15-minute ride.
We have survived the first two weeks:  the shock of homework and assignments, the parent meetings, the routine, the juggling of responsibilities, the early mornings...

Bring it on, Année Scolaire 2014-2015