Friday, August 29, 2014

Stories from our Quebec Summer::Part 2

We have all loved the Redwall series for a long time now.  Whenever I read the books outloud to the kids, we would drool over the descriptions of the food that the woodland animals ate, especially at their feasts. Jack is most definitely the biggest fan of Brian Jacques and his stories.  He really wanted to make a Redwall meal, using some recipes he found online of some the delicious-sounding meals.

So Saturday night that's what he did.

First, though, we needed some ingredients.  He made the list and we decided to go fetch them together.  I wanted to walk and the kids wanted to ride their bikes.  I told them that I'd start out and then text Sam when I got there and he could tell the J's to start their ride and meet me on the bench beside the bike path.  Before leaving, I reminded Joel to bring the lock for the bikes.  Yeah, okay he said.  But when they met up with me, they didn't have the lock.  We contemplated our options for a couple seconds and then Jack decided to ride home and get it so that we all three could go into the store together.  Joel and I waited maybe 20 minutes in the warm sun just chatting and watching the world go by.  A man on a scooter, seeing us laying down in the grass stopped and asked if we were okay.  "Yes, just resting, thank you, " I said.  When Jack got back with the lock we went shopping.  I kept eyeing our loot, wondering if it would all fit in the backpack I had brought to cart it all home.  It fit, but it was terribly heavy.  Jack said he would try to carry it for me since it was so heavy and I was walking, but one try with that load on his back almost toppled him over and he decided that wouldn't work.  I reassured then that I'd be fine and hoisted it up behind me.  We walked the distance from Maxi to the bike path, and then they said good-bye and headed home.

It wasn't long til I was having thoughts of regret.  It was hot.  I was wearing flip-flops, and the backpack seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.  I'm guessing it's a distance of 2 miles and those 2 miles seemed like 20.  I took a lot longer than I should have coming home, which is why, as I rounded the corner to make the final stretch into our cul-de-sac, Jack came to meet me.  He carried the load home (as we made guesses about how much it weighed) and right up to the bathroom scales to find out how much it actually weighed.  21 pounds!

But my job was pretty much done, because it was Jack who prepared all the food for their special meal.

Hot Root Soup
Rosemary and parsley pop-overs
Strawberry cream fizz
Candied nuts

He wanted candles, too, which was perfect because I think it was 8:30 before we finally sat down to eat.

It was a big hit, especially the soup.  Oh, and the nuts!

Mad and Sam went off to a JP's party for a bit.  The boys and I watched a couple Andy Griffiths.

The end.