Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stories from our Quebec Summer::Part 1

1.  Four years ago, the orthodontist started the work on Sam's over-crowded mouth.  And Monday night he finally had his braces removed.  He texted me in the morning, asking me if we could have corn on the cob for supper to celebrate.  I thought that a reasonable request, so Joel and I went to the Farmer's Market and picked out 6 gorgeous fresh ears from Neuville.  When he walked in the door all smiles that night he went straight to the fridge saying, "Apple, apple...I want an apple."  When I told him there weren't any left, he practically begged me to let him run to the Campanile to buy one.  Even though supper was ready and just waiting for him to get home so we could eat it, I let him go.  All he wanted was to bite into an apple...and have corn for supper.  I thought we should grant him his requests.

Sidenote:  look at those looooong fingers, would ya?  Remember how when he was born I said, "Mark look, he has piano fingers!" and Mark said, "No, they are basketball hands!"?  He was right; I was wrong.