Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferme Champs de Sauveurs

Monday morning the Mboutis and I arranged this family activity for Sunday after our morning gathering. 
I said I'd call make reservations.
When I did, the guy said that the weather was predicted to be good for Sunday.
Then starting Wednesday we had a string of rainy, cold days.  
We kept thinking of Sunday and berry-picking.

Sunday morning was gray and not at all promising.
The boys and I kept checking the sky during the service.  
Except for one one little patch of blue that appeared during the final prayer, it was not looking good for us.
Nazaire and Lanxui invited us spontaneously over for lunch
 and said we'd see what would happen over the dinner hour.
While we ate, we watched the skies clear up and the sun shine like nobody's business.
We decided to go.

None of us could get over it. 
 It turned out to be the sunniest, most beautiful afternoon.  
And to think...
we had almost decided to crawl under the covers and take a nap instead.

Highly recommend this spot for autocueillette and a view of the St. Lawrence!

P.S.  A note from Nazaire this morning:
Bonjour à la famille Billington,
Nous en sommes autant reconnaissant que vous, car grace à votre invitation que nous avons pu penser à cette activité et Dieu l'a rendu possible en nous garantissant toute une après-midi sans nuage et PLUIE!!!
Merci pour les photos.