Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good-bye, Grandpa

My dear dear Grandpa Stanley left this earth yesterday morning to be with Jesus.
He will be so missed by so many people.

I'm typing through tears, tears for the separation.  Tears for my mom who won't be able to be there Saturday for the funeral and to be with the people she needs to be with most right now.  Tears for my Grandma Arlene who loved him so well and who made his life so beautiful after he lost his first love.

My cousin, Kyle, wrote something last night that really touched me.  I want to share it here.

Heavens gates opened wide today to receive a wonderful man, my grandpa, Rex Stanley. He was a hard working man, and very passionate about sharing the incredible gift of salvation with everyone that he came into contact with. I am so proud to have had the good fortune to know him, and to love him. He will be missed, but today we celebrate his reward. Rest in peace, grandpa, rest in peace....


We all love you, Grandpa!  Good-bye for now!