Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spring Football

Jack played.  Sam helped to coach.  At the end of the weeks of 2 week-day practices per week and a few Saturday (3-4 hours) practices, the spring football teams had a jamboree.  Unfortunately for all, Mark was in Montreal with a group taking a survey trip, on the day of the games.  He couldn't have been more disappointed to miss watching Jack play and Sam coach.  Joel and I went, though...in the rain and cold.  I cheered and yelled for Jack which embarrassed Joel, so I dialed it back.

Sam texted me sometime after the first hour:  Jack is #89 in case you're still wondering! ;)

Very funny, Sam!  Joel and I found him right away because of his "default" pose when he's not playing.

that's it, right there

Joel sporting his Colts' jersey

Sam doing his thing

Jack and Sam fist bump

You would have thought it was fall the way we were miserably cold, huddled under a blanket that we fortunately found in the car.  As soon as the games were over, the sun came out and the rain moved on.

And that is that.  Finally something up about something that happened two weeks ago.  I'm really out of practice here.  Ciao!