Friday, April 25, 2014

Miss-matched thoughts

A little catch-up post...

My camera's memory card is suggesting that I have some updating to do.  I know my 1's of readers are waiting with bated breath. (right, Mom?)

+++Jack has had pretty long hair since sometime before Christmas.  One day recently he just said out of the blue that he wanted me to cut it.  "All off?"  I asked.  "Like a boy haircut?"  Yep, that's what he wanted.  I cut and cut (admittedly with pleasure).  He thought it a little too short, but I loved the results!  Just to show the amount I cut, I tried to do this comparison thing with the basketball.  I don't know if it's working, but great balls of fire, I had a pile--enough for a wig, I believe.

A couple days later he had a basketball game.  He just did not play with much energy.  We noticed it, but he said it himself.  I told him that maybe he was like Samson--his strength was in his hair!  That was his last game of the season so we won't know for sure until next year!

+++I think winter is finally over.  I just hung a bedspread out on the line.  We still have some remaining snow, but each day we see more and more grass.  I started wearing my off-white linen spring coat.  I might be stretching it a little, but I'm a little tired of black and gray.

I took the following pictures sometime in beginning of April while out on a rare middle-of-the-day run.  I had a hard time staying on task because it was so gorgeous that day.

+++Some dear friends made these sweet pillowcases for Mark and me.

+++A couple weeks ago, Mark and I, made a very long, very quick trip to London, Ontario.  We left on a Friday morning after the kids headed off to school.  We drove first to Montreal to pick up Jane, our colleague, and then we spent the whole day in the car driving, driving, driving.

 This was taken a little before we got to Montreal.  We saw a long stretch at one point that looked like this.  I wondered what body of water we were passing.  Mark realized that it was no lake or's flooded farmland!  I couldn't get over it.  Crazy!
It was a very pleasant drive.  Mark and I took turns driving.  We chatted.  We napped.  We read.  We ate. And we saw beauty like this.

We spent the night with Jane's brother and sister-in-law, whom we had never met before.  They are lovely, lovely people and we felt so welcomed.  

We went to a lunch with other ABWE Canada colleagues and then gave a quick 20-minute report on our lives here in Quebec.  Jane shared too, and then we left.  Jane went back to spend time with her family, and Mark and I started the long drive home.  We love driving together, and took advantage of the time to read A Prayer for Owen Meany aloud to each other--something we have always loved to do but don't do as much now since the arrival of children.  
We stopped at a Pizza Hut somewhere, and read some more.  I think we got home at 2:30 Sunday morning.

+++This little cutie is Nolan.  I can't get enough of his Charlie Brown face!

And what I love almost as much, is watching people other than babies' parents dote on them.  It happens a lot at our church and it will never cease to delight me.
example #1
example #2
example #3

example #4
example #5
+++Sam and Mark played lead worship together one Sunday recently.  Sam was so serious.  He told me later that if he's not singing, he can't not scowl (or something like that)

But I couple weeks ago, I was awarded with a real treat.  The sec 5's had a little talent show at the end of a special week (I forget now what it's called) and anyone who wanted to sing or play or act, could perform for the whole group.  Sam and a group of friends got a little band together and practiced 4 or 5 songs. This show was to be during school hours and parents weren't invited.  I was quite disappointed about that.  But as luck would have it, on the night of rehearsal, we were already at the school for one of Jack's basketball games.  So Sam told me to just slip in to the back of the room and listen.  Mark took the other boys home as it was late, and I stayed til the end of rehearsal so that I could take Sam home (and eavesdrop!)  It was such a great surprise for me.  Apart from Sam's personal project that he did with Hervé, I haven`t really seen Sam in performance mode.  He does play for Credo worship services sometimes, but that's another feel altogether.  I couldn't believe it was my son up there jammin'.  And he, I believe, we just as over the moon as I was.  His pleasure at playing and singing with other musicians exuded from his whole being.  He was completely and totally into it.  I wish I had video-taped him.  Here are some pictures that someone else took the next day at the show.  (One of Mad's friends told her that she should watch out, that there might be some other girls after him now)

+++Last week was pretty packed.  We had 40 people here over 3 different meals.  Wednesday was the group from True North.  We love it so much when they come every year, and this was a special group of kids. Our kids really enjoyed them, and so did we.

Then Thursday was small group.  We were a bigger-than-usual crowd.  I think I counted 23 of us.  We had Mexican chicken and rice bowls with salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, etc.  Usually I am too occupied with the group and making sure everything is right, to enjoy the food...but on this night it just hit the spot!

Then Sunday afternoon we had some more friends with us.  We were a good mix of cultures (1 Peruvian, 5 Colombians, 1 African, 1 Chinese, 2 Chinese-Africans, 1 Quebecoise, and 5 Americans) It was a beautiful time.  After lunch we sang and read Scripture out loud together (the eye-witness accounts in sequence).  It was probably the most meaningful Easter Sunday that I've had.

kids' table
adults' table
 We also played a "game" which wasn't really a game (that N suggested) and had us all scratching our heads in confusion.  We've had a lot of fun since then joking about it together.
Diego really loved my electric knife

Julieth using her mom's head for a music stand and being happy of herself for it
After everyone had gone home, the boys and Madeleine completely cleaned up the kitchen and put everything back in order and told me to go downstairs and relax.  What a gift!  I will remember it always.

J'aime ça