Thursday, February 27, 2014

Something to link about

The problem with white girls (and boys):  I really appreciate this article.  I would love to handpick 10 people that I know and get them together for a frank discussion about this.

The Trip to Echo Spring  or Unbroken:  My next read.  I need to finish a couple books that I'm in mid-stream with, but both of these are motivating me to get through them.  Then, I'm going to have to do an eenie meenie miney mo, because they are neck and neck at the moment.

This Ted Talk from Diana Nyad is a positive way to spend 15 minutes:  She swam 100 miles from Cuba to Florida, a 54-hour swim, at the age of 64.  It's inspiring and chill-inducing.  Sidenote:  I found this following bit from her talk intriguing.  The fact that she starts the thot claiming that she is not a religious person, is clear evidence that she was looking for somewhere to place her adoration.  If she weren't, she just would have said something about how beautiful the ocean was, period.  We were born to worship, that's a fact!  :  I'm not a religious person, but I'll tell you, to be in the azure blue of the Gulf Stream as if, as you're breathing, you're looking down miles and miles and miles, to feel the majesty of this blue planet we live on, it's awe-inspiring.  

J sent me this video with this note included:  "It made me cry.  Could be because it's late and i'm overtired... but I still loved it :-)"  
After I watched it this morning, I replied with, "I thought, 'Well, it's not late and I'm not overtired...I can handle this.'  Nope!"