Monday, February 24, 2014


I still have Saturday, the 15th, Sam's birthday to blog about, but my pictures from that are tied up in a format that I don't know how to access yet.  So, just so  I don't get too far behind, I'm going out of order.

Saturday morning Joel had a hockey tournament (hockey bottines, they call it--boot hockey since they are on the ice but not in skates).  This was just a month-long thing:  a promotional event for the Remparts (the local professional hockey team) and the RSEQ (Quebec Student Sports Federation).  He stayed for an hour after school once a week to practice and then they played 3 games on Saturday,  It was a perfectly sunny, relatively warm day...just what our cells were craving.

 Jack and Sam found time to tussle a bit.
The whole thing was pretty low-key as evidenced by this ref who was drinking coffee while keeping the kids honest.

Sometime after the second game, the coordinator of the event asked Jack if he would be the mascot for the RSEQ at the end.  He was reluctant, but he said yes.  We were so proud of him for going completely out of his comfort zone.

He was thankful for the Remparts' mascot being there, so he could kind see what he was supposed to be doing.

Sam said was impressed by Jack's willingness and nerve and then he said, "I think this occasion might call for something like us stopping to get donuts on the way home!"  Good try, Sam, attempting to benefit from your brother's bravery.

Jack said afterwards that it was fun, but that he wouldn't want to do it again! HA!

I could kick myself for not getting a picture of Jack the mascot with his brothers!  I snapped this as Jack was being led away to take off his outfit.

Love this kid!

I keep asking everyone not to leave their boots on the rug in front of the door, but rather on the plastic boot trays so as to not get the rug (and the wood floor underneath) soaked.  I decided the other to day to stop harping and announced that I would have a little unpleasant job for future offenders, to help them remember.

It was Jack who received the first "reminder" yesterday.  I asked him to put his boots away and then to come wash out some Ziplock bags.  He never complained or grumbled about his sentence.

When he was almost finished, I went out to the kitchen and thanked him.  After I did, I realized that was weird.  So I said, "Well, you didn't exactly do it out of the goodness of your heart."

Without a second thought he said, "Oh, yes I did, Mom.  I left my boots on the rug on purpose so that I could help you out!"