Monday, February 17, 2014

Collective sigh...

Every Secondary 5 student in the Programme International at Rochebelle has to do a "Project Personnel" in order to graduate.  There are a wide range of possibilities that fit the criteria for the assessment.  One girl in Sam's class wrote a novel.  Another friend organized a swim-a-thon fundraiser for the Lupus Foundation. Others have made instructional videos or made photograph books.

After hours and hours of work, Sam and Hervé's Personal Project for École Secondaire de Rochebelle is finished.  Originally, their goal was to make and record two songs--one original and one cover--, put them up on Youtube and see which one got more "likes".  Their end goal changed during the project to be to demonstrate that it is possible to make a good quality music video with no previous experience.

Here is the first one, words and music by Sam:

And the second, a cover of San Francisco by the Mowgli's.  Their friend, Marion, helped out with vocals (she is also the one that wrote an entire novel this year!)

Good job, Sam, Hervé, and Marion!  Nous sommes fiers de vous trois!