Monday, February 10, 2014

Life in these parts

Jack and Sam swam 30 laps each on Saturday in a charity event for the Lupus Foundation, organized by Guillaume (one of Sam's best buddies).  I was so proud of Jack.  He's never swum that amount before, nor does he really have a technique down which means it must have been a VERY big challenge.  And he did it!

Sunday afternoon, Sam and I went to watch Madeleine play in a volleyball tournament.  What a nice time it was to spend with him, chatting about life, his friends, his up-coming birthday party.

Before the game, Madeleine was with us out in the hall and we were looking at some posters that had been made the week before for Mental Health Week.  On one of the posters, a kid had written a comment about Flappy Bird, because the kids had been asked to write down something that makes life beautiful.  I had never heard of the game, so Sam showed it to me and told me how addicting it is because everyone just wants to beat their friends' score.  He told me to play and then he and Madeleine laughed as they witnessed my immediate fixation, especially after he told said, "Dad can get to 2!" I needed to at least do that (but I never got past 1)....

I was planning on getting the app on my phone (which is weird because I'm not a game-playing girl) So imagine my surprise when I saw this morning that the app has been pulled!  I guess I was saved just in time from another time-waster!

Joel started karate about a month ago.  We love what we see so far about how the academy is run, how the older, higher-belted students help the younger ones, etc.  I've never experienced this "scene" so I'm interested and impressed.  I might need to join in.  Since I won't be playing Flappy Bird, I probably have time for it.

Jack started bass lessons with the same teacher who taught guitar to Sam.  It's kind of at a crazy time for us (6:30-7:30) but there is a coffee shop not far away and Mark is fitting in his weekly dates with the other two boys during that time.  On Jack's week it will have to be before his lesson.
This is a common scene around here.  I'll be glad when the football gets played with outside and stays outside.

Well, the Winter OLYMPICS started, so that means when we were not busy with something else during the weekend, the TV was tuned to NBC or CBC!  This family LOVES the Olympics!  So far our favorite story is the 3 sisters from Quebec that are competing this year...2 of them won medals and silver in the moguls.  They won on the sister's (that competed but didn't place) birthday.  That's a little bit sad!