Monday, February 3, 2014

Summing up the Super Bowl

At our introvert son's request, we tried to keep the invites to a minimum.  In the end, 8 of his friends came, so maybe it was more about freeing up the spots for his entourage than it was about us usually overcrowding this place.  SAM! 
most enthusiastic fan:  Joel wore his football pants and his gold helmet OR this old helmet  that Sam salvaged from his school's dumpster...the whole night

best nostalgic moment:  A few minutes before the game, Mark said, "I just expect Bea to walk through the door any minute with a couple of friends."  A little while later, she called from Vancouver to say she was thinking of us.  We talked a couple minutes and she lost it.  It's HARD missing people, isn't it?
 best outfit:  Madeleine stole this from her sister's closet
best representation of our mixed-culture lives:  this fancy cheese plate brought by Philippe and Gaël.
There were 8 Americans, 10 Québecois, 4 French and a Colombian

funniest reaction to the bad game:  Sam changed out of his Broncos shirt and put on a Colts' one.  Then, minutes before the Broncos made their first and only touchdown, he went out with some of the guys to play football in the snow because he couldn't take it anymore. 

I've got 4 boys who were extremely disappointed in their beloved Peyton's team.  

Here's to the worst Super Bowl ever! (click on the link for sound effect)