Thursday, January 30, 2014


I didn't do a very good job of mending the seat of Sam's favorite pants back in December.

Today when I dropped Sam and Jack off at school, I thought I saw a major hole in Sam's pants as he got out of the car.  I told him. He checked and immediately jumped back in the van.  I said, "Ah, what are you doing?  I have to get to class."  I guess he thought I was going to drive him home and take him back to school.  I've been working on margins in my life, but they are not THAT wide!  I told him that I would call Dad, that thankfully he was at the house then and would be able to bring him a replacement pair.  He reluctantly got out with my assurance that his coat covered the rip.

Jack had been quiet through this whole exchange.  (I have to mention two things here:  1. he is always looking out for his brothers when I can't suppress my laughter over their plights sometimes  2.  I was NOT laughing this time because Sam is overworked and overtired and on top of that he was sick again this morning.)  But as soon as Sam got out of the car, I turned around to see a very cute smile on Jack's face as he said, "Now that was a little bit funny!"

And then we both shared a good secret laugh!