Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It looks a lot like Christmas in the Old City.
It`s actually really beautiful.
I was thankful for the excuse (thanks to a mistake Noƫlla made)
to take some time there today.

Bah ha ha...ha

This story and the comments on it has me in fits of laughter this morning. Maybe it's wrong and/or disrespectful to laugh, but it really got my funny bone.

Here it is.

Here are my favorite comments:

by Barrett:
I know this is a serious situation BUT I can not stop laughing (tears are flowing) as I read this article and comments. This guy looks so serious, made 19 thousand security forces and pre-planners look like #$%$ while making himself famous around the world. - This article (report) makes my day. I believe in the power of ONE.

by "Snide":
The translation reads: Hello my name is Mr Roberts Pearson Smith Michael and I am Prince of Nigeria, I have escaped from my country and in desperate need of your assistance to retrieve my millions.