Saturday, December 7, 2013


Tonight it's about being thankful for what didn't happen, that might well could have.
We had a nice day, the little boys and I...
we went shopping with Madeleine
and did homework and Sunday School lesson preparations
and made a gift
and went to the grocery store to load up on baking supplies in anticipation of a fun night of baking and decorating cookies and baking lemon poppyseed bread for friends and neighbors.
We planned to watch Elf and laugh and produce, produce, produce.

Alas, none of our cozy plans came to fruition.
As I was mixing up the cookie dough and preparing supper, a fire started in our oven.
When I opened the door, a fire ball shot out that you can't imagine.
I screamed and in those moments my brain froze for a second.
When my wits started working again, I grabbed baking powder and threw it on the still sparking element.
And that was that.  Looks like the oven and stove are completely shot.

And no cookie-baking.

And could there be a worse time than a couple days before Jack's birthday and 2 weeks before Christmas for an oven to bite the dust?
I can't come up with one.

But thinking about what could have happened, keeps me grateful.