Tuesday, November 19, 2013

why, why, why?

I have a problem.  I admit that.

It's the "why" that I'm not sure about.  If I can put my finger on that, I can begin to correct this, maybe.

If I were pregnant or undergoing chemo treatments, my faux pas could be explained and forgiven. But neither of these things is true.

Here is just a little sample of the ridiculous things I've been doing over a very short period of time.

*I needed to shave one night, so I did.  In the morning, seated out on our front steps donning my runners, I said to myself, "Wow, my hair grew fast!"  Nope, not true.  I had just shaved one of my legs.

*I made tacos for supper one night.  Sam said, "Is this meat okay?"  I knew that it was because I had just bought it the day before.  I tasted a bit.  Cinnamon!  I had put cinnamon in the taco meat instead of cumin!

*I was a couple minutes late getting out of class and hurried to my car, hoping I had not received a parking ticket for being over-parked just a bit.  Oh no, there was a ticket under my wind-shield wiper!  I thought $44 was quite steep for an infraction of 6 minutes.  No, the ticket had been administered a couple hours previous, so what exactly happened??  I checked my receipt.  I had punched in the wrong parking space number!

*I bit into my first piece of homemade pizza.  "Weird," I said to my family and Madeleine, "it has a sweet taste to it!"  Yes, indeed, because I had made my cinnamon roll dough recipe in the bread maker for the pizza crust.

*I wondered where my students were.  It was 12 minutes into our class time and no one had arrived!  Well, of course not.  I was not in the right classroom.  I was in an identical room on the 4th floor.  My class is on the 5th floor.

One or two of these were just funny.  But with this list, I'm getting concerned.

I'm going crazy?
I am stressed?
I have ADD.
I have early-onset Alzheimer's?