Friday, November 15, 2013

November = Hard

November is a hard month for me in Quebec.  There are no more lovely leaves.  No snow to speak of.  I try to find the beauty of this month, but I usually can't.  My Instagram activity has come to an abrupt halt.  
So I was glad when we went to Michigan at the beginning of the month, to see that there was still color.

I saw all this on a run.  The run turned out to not be that much of one.  I really tried to not be distracted by the beauty, but I was powerless. Each time I told myself that I was satisfied, that I had had my fill of God's artwork, and that I should get serious and pick up the pace, I would see some other stunning view and have to explore.

“Never lose an opportunity for seeing something beautiful, for beauty is God s handwriting.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson

These leaves were falling off this tree right before my eyes.  
I tried to capture that with my phone camera, but it was hard.  
It was the most beautiful combination of sound and sight.  It was just me and the quiet sighing of the yellow leaves--a private show. I appreciated it to my core.  

I was thankful for the slap and the whisper, for it was both.