Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Sam Story

Last week I bought a gray and black striped shirt at Target (yes, Target finally came to Quebec)!  I wore it once on the weekend that we were in Michigan so Sam had not seen it yet.  I put it on again Thursday morning, and during breakfast he asked me if I got a new shirt.  He liked it, he said.

The next day I was sick and did not at all feel like thinking about my outfit for the day, so I just put the same shirt back on.

And then Saturday morning I put it on again!

On Saturday night as we were sitting down to read the Bible together, Sam said, "Mom, is that shirt really comfortable?"

Did that ever make me laugh!  Instead of being rude and asking why I had worn the same shirt for 3 days, he decided that it must be extremely comfortable for me to wear it that long!

Friday night before Sam's basketball game, Jack, Sam, and i ran into Target to get some new combination locks for the kids' lockers.  I passed by the display with those long sleeve shirts and saw that they were half-price.  My eyes rested on a blue and red striped one, and I tried to find my size, but there were none left.

Last night when Sam came home from school, he kind of shyly reached in his backpack, pulled out a bag, and said, "Here Mom, I went to Target at lunch (the mall is just across the street from the school and with an hour and a half for lunch, the kids are allowed to go off-campus) with Madeleine and I got you another shirt." It's almost exactly like the gray and black one (the neckline is different) in black and blue.

That was a kindness that I will remember for the rest of my days.  I tried to act cool about it, but it was seriously one of the best moments...

Thanks for the laugh, Sam.  And thanks for the gift worth way more than the $ you paid for it.