Saturday, November 9, 2013

The stuff of football

We missed Sam's final game last Friday.  Here's what he had to say about it in our family journal.

Last Friday night we had our semi-finals against LESLE.  It was supposed to be a blow-out according to everyone but us, who knew we were better than what we had shown previously.  It was a crazy windy night, but thankfully it only rained a tiny bit and didn't affect our passing game.  The first half didn't go so great and we were down 10 to 0 with a minute left in the half.  We ended driving the length of the field and scoring a TD right before the end.  The defense played great in the second half, stopping them five times in the red zone and only allowing one field goal.  We scored another touchdown at the end of the third making it 14-21.  We couldn't generate anything on offense during the fourth quarter until we got the ball at our 10-yard-line with one minute oft.  We ran a fade play for Silvio who caught and went 90 yards for a touchdown.  Everyone was going nuts, us and fans included.  We kicked it off with 45 seconds to go and than's when they returned it all the way to our 30-yard line.  They tried punting out of bounds for 1 point twice and made it on that second try, leaving us 4 seconds...We tried another deep route to Silvio, but it was denied...It was one of the worst feelings I've ever had...It was heartbreaking to have come so close and not come out with a win.  It was all made worse by the realization that it was our last football game ever...

Mark and I didn't realize the full extent of his disappointment until he revealed parts to us over this last week. I'm sad that we were not here for him, but maybe he just needed to go through it without us.  He suffered along with his closest football buddies on Saturday night.  It wasn't the normal "fun times" he usually has with them.  More of a sort of mourning period.  As I understand it though, they weren't sad enough to NOT eat!  

Here's a link to Sam's season highlights.  

He told me last night that he made the All Stars.  They will play in May, so it looks like football is not really over.

Here are some pictures of his season: