Thursday, October 24, 2013

a little chatter

I'm scattering some recent pictures in between some stories I need to get down.

Last night, Sam came home from football practice into the midst of our small group singing-time.  He prepared himself some food and sat down at the table to eat.  I wanted him to join us and motioned for him to come over into the circle.  Joel has a bongo set and loves to play during our worship time.  He was playing with all his heart, seated on the floor in Sam's view when he moved into the living room.  I glanced over just in time to see Sam catch Joel's eye and give him a thumbs-up for his playing.  Oh my goodness.  I'm SO glad that I was privileged to see that.  It was, by far and away, the best thing I'd seen all week.

Jack made the basketball team at school.  His coach told him he has the potential be the best in the league, but sometimes he lacks intensity on the court.  This makes me smile a little bit.  My Jack has never been in a hurry.  It's just not his style.  So, dear coach, you can harp on this the rest of the season, but I don't think it'll make much difference.  Jack has his own rhythm.  You should maybe save your voice.

In February, the light above our dining room table blew.  We have needed a new one since then.  I tried to buy a replacement several times, but I just could not make up my mind.  I even bought one once, had it in my possession for all of 15 minutes, and then took it back.  During the summer and early autumn months, we were able to get by without one.  I lit candles and sometimes even moved a lamp or two close to the table.  It was romantic, but was starting to get ridiculous.  I decided that Friday afternoon was THE day.  I was determined to go choose a light and buy it and bring it home.  I took Joel with me.  After standing in the first store for 10 minutes discussing my options with him (lucky boy!) he said, "Mom, I don't care which one you buy, I just want to see my food!"  Oh, kid!

A friend who knows how much I'd love to have a table big enough to host 20 or more people at one time, sent me this:

Isn't it crazy??

We've been living some big changes around here.  Two out of three kids are in high school.  That means lots and lots of homework, more sports' practices than ever, and late suppers (7:00, 4 days a week) so we can all eat together. The big boys have been working SO hard, staying up late to finish projects, waking up early to study for tests.  I took on some more ESL classes.  I'm now up to 13.5 hours a week.  With the classes and the preparation time for each class, I'm certainly not bored.  I'm sure we'll all find our rhythm eventually, but for now we are kind of just surviving each day.  This is not how we like to live (I don't know if anyone does), so we hope to fall into this new life soon.

The night this picture was taken, Sam saw that he had a message from Mad, but turned off his phone and kept working.  He was so focused on his work and getting it finished, that he did not even want to read what she had texted him until he was completely finished with his work.  I was having a hard time understanding that level of discipline!
this scene is quite common chez nous these days
I'm reading George Muller's biography to Joel.  I'm learning a lot and am completely bowled over by the stories of Muller's faith, but what I think I like even more, is Joel's sheer joy that manifests itself in a delighted laugh whenever we hear an extraordinary answer to prayer.  The whole thing is just so good.

I think that is all for now, but I have a feeling there's more that I will need to add to this collection.